What’s the point of a Catholic education?

SINGAPORE – It’s that time of the year again in Singapore: Catholic parents will soon be faced with the question of which school to send their children to.Some may also wonder why they should consider a Catholic school.Years ago, there would have been few detractors from the idea of a Catholic child going to a [...]

What’s to keep me from leaving the Church

May 10, SPI Newsletter: Once more the Catholic Church stands buffetted by another wave of turbulence from recently uncovered instances of child abuse committed by clerics of Catholic institutions in Europe.While secular forces press from the outside for justice and accountability, on the inside, our faithful are reeling from the turmoil; “How come your church [...]

What’s a family to do?

Nov 09, CFSM Newsletter: For the first few years of my working life as a civil servant, I received my monthly salary in cash, in an envelope. I spent in cash. I could have saved in cash, in a cigarette tin, or under my mattress. I did not. I was “modern” and I had a [...]