Pope Francis’ address to participants in the Congress for the Pastoral Care of Vocations in Europe

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I greet all of you taking part in this Congress intended to help implement the Synod of Bishops devoted to young people. I thank you for the work you are doing in your respective areas of service, and for your effort to meet and share your experiences. For my part, I would like to point out a few approaches particularly close to my heart. In my Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit, I encouraged young people to “grow in holiness and in commitment to their personal vocation” (No. 3). I likewise encourage you, who work in the so-called “old continent”, to believe that “everything Christ touches becomes young, new and full of life” (cf. ibid., 1).

The three approaches that I would indicate are: holiness, as a calling that gives meaning to one’s entire life journey; communion as the fertile soil for vocations in the Church and vocation itself, as a keyword to be preserved and “conjugated” with others – “happiness”, “freedom” and “together” – and finally “declined” as special consecration.

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Building the Church of Tomorrow

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The Church, Mother of Vocations

Pope Francis’ message for the World Day of Prayer for Vocations, April 17Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is my great hope that, during the course of this Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, all the baptised may experience the joy of belong- ing to the Church and rediscover that the Christian vocation, just like every particu- lar [...]

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