“A Man For Others” – Montfort’s way to relieve disaster

A Montfort Junior School student customising his fabric pouch at the arts and crafts stall.On Sept 28, much of Palu, Donggala and Mamuju in Sulawesi, Indonesia, was devastated by an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami. The disaster claimed thousands of lives, injured many others, destroyed infrastructure and homes, leaving survivors without shelter and basic needs.At [...]

New instances of impersonation of emails

The Archdiocese of Singapore has received reports that new email spoofing incidents are being sighted by the faithful. These new spoof emails, which are attempts of online money scams, are mimicking emails addresses that may look like those used by the priests and religious in our Archdiocese.This is a repeat of similar incidents which took [...]

Putting together the Singapore Archdiocese’s response to the Tsunami crisis

SINGAPORE – The Asian tsunami has been a major disaster. The Catholic Church in Singapore has responded by collecting donations in the weekend following the event, and conducting services in remembrance of the victims including Masses in all parishes on January 14Archbishop Nicholas Chia has also appointed an Archdiocesan Crisis Coordination Team (ACCT) to further define and coordinate the [...]

Memorial Mass held in wake of Paris tragedy

“I’m at peace now, sometimes I’m angry and depressed, but this gives me hope. Now I have managed to pray for them and the jihadists as well,” said Ms Beatrice Burguet.The 45-year-old French woman was speaking to CatholicNews after attending a memorial Mass for the victims of the Nov 13 Paris terror attacks.About 200 French [...]

Statement from archbishop’s office

The Catholic Church in Singapore deplores all violence, which is an affront to humanity. All true religions work for peace and harmony, and mutual respect for the individual. Terrorism can never be justified under any circumstances. Our hearts go out to all innocent victims of the carnage. We pray for them and their loved ones [...]

Prayers for Sabah earthquake victims

The Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission has issued prayers for possible use for the Day of National Remembrance for victims of the Sabah earthquake:The commission also offered additional Prayers of the Faithful for the families of the quake victims, that they may find “comfort”, “compassion” and “understanding”.Another prayer is “for those who are still grieving for the [...]

Prayers for victims of the Sabah earthquake

The Archdiocesan Liturgy Commission has issued prayers for possible use for the Day of National Remembrance for victims of the Sabah earthquake: Lord our God, You are always faithful and quick to show mercy,the Sabah earthquake victimswere suddenly [and violently] taken from us.Come swiftly to their aid,have mercy on them,and comfort their family and friendsby [...]

No Longer Slaves, But Brothers and Sisters

MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS FOR THE CELEBRATION OF THE WORLD DAY OF PEACE, 1 JANUARY 2015 NO LONGER SLAVES, BUT BROTHERS AND SISTERS 1. At the beginning of this New Year, which we welcome as God’s gracious gift to all humanity, I offer heartfelt wishes of peace to every man and woman, to [...]

M’sia diocese aids Sichuan

JOHOR BAHRU – The Melaka- Johor diocese has donated funds to aid quake victims in Sichuan, China.Some 200 people died and 13,484 were wounded, while thousands more left homeless when a powerful earthquake of 7.0 magnitude hit China’s Sichuan province in April this year.The April quake occurred just five years after another earthquake rocked the [...]