Putting fun into preschool education

Preschool educators doing a Zumba workout.When 75 Catholic preschool educators congregated at Catholic Kindergarten, a preschool managed by the Marist Brothers, it was to learn about the educational approaches and practices of the kindergarten. It was for them to deepen their professional knowledge.But in learning, there should also be an element of fun. And, the [...]

Hai Sing Catholic puts Franciscan values into action

Students ploughing the soil in the vegetable garden.Walking through Hai Sing Catholic School, one can’t help but notice a simple vegetable garden with the students all hands-on at the plot.This garden is part of the school’s green efforts and to also build the character and faith of its Catholic students. After all, St Francis of [...]


One tends to think of communication, especially today in terms of the Internet and its associated applications. The traditional media of communication, have, as a consequence, been somewhat neglected and suffered a decline in attractiveness.However, the traditional print media have a certain edge over the electronic variety in that they can influence more deeply the [...]

Celebrating the Mass in many cultures

NOT SO LONG ago it was common to hear Roman Catholics speak of the comfort they found in the familiar celebration of the Mass, whether they experienced it in Rome or Singapore. The Latin texts and the priest’s carefully prescribed movements and gestures created the effect of the predictable, wherever Catholics found themselves. Many of [...]