Treasuring the value of each religion

Archbishop William Goh with representatives of different faiths at the Archdiocesan Interreligious Christmas celebration. Photo: VITA Images   Jared Ng It is important for all religions to work together to ensure there is continued significance in the various religious festivals and celebrations. This is in light of secularisation which is sweeping across societies, and posing [...]

Christian-Taoist dialogue for global ethics

Participants of the Second Christian-Taoist Colloquium held at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd. Photos: ArchProductionsChristopher KhooWhy is Christian and Taoist dialogue important today? What do we hope to achieve through this dialogue?These questions were posed by Bishop Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID), during the Second Christian-Taoist [...]

Promoting a culture of peace, harmony: a Christian view

Msgr Philip Heng speaking at an interfaith roundtable discussion on Oct 14.By Christopher Khoo Recognise the principle of “unity in diversity” and engage in dialogue.These were some points offered by Archbishop William Goh in a paper titled Christian Perspective: Promoting Culture of Peace and Harmony in Singapore.The paper was read out by Msgr Philip Heng [...]

All the best, Mel!

CatholicNews correspondent Mel Diamse-Lee leaves after a decade of serviceMEL DIAMSE-LEE whose byline graced so many articles in Catholic News has moved on to tend other fields – her family the most important among them. Mel has three lovely children aged two to 10 whom she adores and who need more of her time and [...]

Archdiocese issues message for Vesak Day

Dear Buddhist Friends,I greet you warmly in your celebration of Vesak Day as you commemorate three significant events in the life of Gautama Buddha, namely, his birth, enlightenment and final nirvana. May you and your families be blessed with deep peace, joy and love.Buddhists are well known for their cultivation of wholesome values such as [...]

Children and the Media

In a recent document entitled “The Church and the Internet” the Pontifical Council for Social Communication which issued the document had this advice to Parents in respect of the use of the Internet on the part of their children.”For the sake of their children, a s well a s for their own sakes, parents must [...]

Pope appeals to Catholic newspapers

VATICAN CITY - John Paul II appealed to Catholic newspapers to be agents of the "civilization of love.""The contribution of Catholic journalists is more precious than ever today both at the pastoral as well as the cultural and social level," the pope said during an audience with 200 participants from the assembly of the Italian [...]

Madonna’s Concert – What About It?

Archbishop William Goh issues message on the concertMadonna’s concert, Rebel Heart, which is touring Singapore next Sunday on 28 February 2016, is causing a stir amongst Catholic and other Christian communities here.Many have expressed their concern and even outrage at the performer’s disrespectful use of Catholic and other Christian symbols during her performances. Social media [...]