Symposium on divorce, separation, annulment

Can divorced Catholics receive Holy Communion? How should one relate to a brother or sister in Christ who has undergone, or is going through, the pain of divorce?To help the Catholic community have a better understanding of the Church’s teachings on marriage, divorce, separation and annulment, the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF) is organising [...]

Upcoming Social Mission Conference to focus on mercy

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila will be the keynote speaker at the Social Mission Conference to be held on Aug 13.Cardinal Tagle, president of Caritas Internationalis, will speak on the Church’s teachings on mercy and help participants better understand how to reach out to those in need, says Caritas Singapore, which organises the conference [...]

Juggling family duties and studies

Former CHIJ student from Taiwan shares how she coped with O-levelsMoving from a foreign country that speaks a different language can be a daunting challenge.This is what former CHIJ Secondary student Tseng Yun Ching had to deal with when she moved from Taiwan to Singapore in 2013.On top of that, Tseng had the added responsibilty [...]

Catholics urged not to discriminate during World AIDS Day Mass

Held annually around the world on Dec 1, this year’s World AIDS Day Mass was celebrated at the Church of St Vincent de Paul.Among the 1,000 people who attended the Mass on Nov 29 were members and volunteers of Catholic AIDS Response Effort (CARE) and residents from the shelter home operated by the charity.The event [...]

Coming up: symposium on divorce, separation, annulment

Many people are aware of the biblical teaching on the permanence of marriage: “Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate” (Mark 10:9).However, when crisis hits and a civil divorce looms, some couples lose not only hope but also faith. How then can one remain faithful to God and in full communion [...]


In her book, Quiet Journeys – Finding Stillness in Chaos, Good Shepherd Sr Elizabeth Lim says that “the burdensome restlessness that plagues most of society” boils down to a lack of reflection.Good Shepherd Oasis, established in 1998 by Sr Elizabeth, hopes to bring one to experience contemplation in silence and be rested in God.People who [...]