Saint Stephen: Sacrifice and Martyrdom

Apostolic Nuncio celebrates Mass on feast day of St StephenArchbishop Marek Zalewski posing with parishioners of the Church of St Stephen.The martyrdom of Saint Stephen has its parallels with Christmas. Jesus and St Stephen both offered themselves for the mission of saving the world.Archbishop Marek Zalewski, Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore, made this point during the [...]

Asian domestics most badly treated: report

MANILA – Domestic workers in Asia receive among the worst treatment globally, according to a report released on Jan 9 by the International Labour Organization.Of the 21.5 million domestic workers in the Asia-Pacific, only three percent are entitled to a weekly day of rest against around half of all the butlers, maids and gardeners employed [...]

An embryo must be treated as a person

VATICAN CITY – “Dignitas Personae” forcefully states that although there is no certainty about when a human being receives a soul an embryo is to be treated as a person from the moment of conception. That means all human embryos deserve recognition of fundamental human rights, including the inviolable right to life, the document said. [...]