Vesak Day 2018 message

Dear Buddhist friends,On behalf of the Catholic community, we extend to all of you our heartfelt and warmest wishes as you celebrate your most sacred festival of Vesak, remembering the birth, enlightenment and final nirvana of Gautama Buddha.Indeed, enlightenment is what the world needs so desperately today. Greed for power and possessions, whether in politics, [...]

Transparency in Church organisations stressed

Representatives of Church organisations at the Oct 27 workshop conducted by the Project Management Office and the Archdiocesan Finance Office. VITA ImagesParish priests, accountants, book-keepers and administrative staff of parishes and archdiocesan organisations recently attended a workshop conducted by the Project Management Office (PMO) and the Archdiocesan Finance Office (AFO).The training on standard operating procedures [...]

Process In Conflict Resolution In The Archdiocese Of Singapore

The Archbishop’s Office has released the following document:PROCESS IN CONFLICT RESOLUTION IN THE ARCHDIOCESE OF SINGAPORE PREMISE From time to time, complaints against priests or laity arrive at the Archbishop’s desk. Most complainants expect the Bishop to intervene directly and personally to effect justice. This is neither possible nor the most efficient or judicious way [...]

New Law On Financial Transparency, Supervision And Information

Vatican City, 9 October 2013 (VIS) – The Holy See Press Office has today issued a communique on the new Law XVIII of Vatican City State (8 October 2013), regarding transparency, supervision and information in the field of finance. The full text is published here below: 1. On today’s date the Pontifical Commission for Vatican [...]

Pope signs measures to guarantee financial transparency

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has instituted a new agency to monitor all Vatican financial operations and make sure they meet international norms against money-laundering and the financing of terrorism.The pope issued an apostolic letter on Dec 30 that established the Financial Information Authority as an independent agency to oversee the monetary and commercial [...]

Transparency , honesty and responsibility for all Catholic Organisations

“It would be ingenuous to imagine that the perverse intelligence of the people who control illegal activities would not seek to exploit certain weak spots which sometimes exist in the international systems that defend and oversee legality, in order to penetrate and violate them. For this reason international solidarity is of vital importance in order [...]