Montfort schools kick off centennial year

“Today, we are really proud, honoured and grateful that over this 100 years, the Montfort school has produced many leaders both for the Church and for society,” said Archbishp William Goh.He was speaking during his homily at the Montfort Centennial Mass held at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Jan [...]

Archbishop’s vision for restored cathedral

Hopes for it to come alive with activities, religious celebrations catering to a wide range of people The restored Cathedral of the Good Shepherd must be a vibrant place hosting various religious celebrations, and reaching out to youth, the elderly, migrants and expatriates. Catholics from more well-off parishes have a duty to financially support the [...]

Catholics, Protestants come together for healing service

Protestants and Catholics rested in the Spirit as prayer teams from various Churches prayed over them at the Church of St Mary of the Angels.The prayer session, which lasted more than an hour, was a highlight of the Ecumenical Charismatic Healing Service held on Oct 30. The event, which had the theme, Be Reconciled, was [...]

OYP holds its first polytechnic retreat for students

The Office for Young People (OYP) held its first Polytechnic Leaders Formation Weekend at 2 Lorong Low Koon from Oct 23-25.The retreat, themed The Woman at the Well, was attended by 26 students from all five polytechnics in Singapore, and aimed to empower them to be a disciple of Christ in their respective polytechnics.Students were [...]

Poetry and prayer: making the connection

Writing creatively, especially the writing of poetry, can help one connect with God even when one is not consciously doing so.This was a point stressed by acclaimed Singapore poet, Dr Anne Lee Tzu Pheng, at a full-day workshop held at CANA – The Catholic Centre on Sept 26.The workshop, titled On Earth as it is [...]

Moving forward after the 1987 ‘Marxist conspiracy’

Forgiveness is the only way, says archbishop at Fr Arotcarena’s memorial MassDuring a memorial Mass for the late French priest Fr Guillaume Arotcarena, Archbishop William Goh praised him for championing the rights of migrant workers and his compassion towards the poor and marginalised.“The Church is proud of all of those people who have contributed their [...]

Symposium: The Word of God is a person – Jesus

The Word of God is “someone”, not “something”.This point was repeatedly emphasised during the July 11 Bible Symposium, the first such event organised by the newly formed Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate.“The Word of God is Jesus … with a voice, a face and a heart,” said Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow at the daylong event held [...]

Archbishop Goh calls for spiritual renewal at Pentecost rally

“The lack of awareness of one’s sinfulness prevents one from experiencing the mercy of God,” said Archbishop William Goh. “If we are not aware, then spiritual renewal is impossible,” he said at the Pentecost Rally.“Forgiveness of sins is ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit,” he added.The rally was held at the Church of St [...]

Lonely elderly people don’t need luxuries. They need love

Archbishop Goh talks about relating to the elderly at the opening ceremony of the Villa Francis Home for the Aged “Loneliness is the greatest sickness of affluent countries”, said Archbishop William Goh.Lonely elderly people “always tell me one thing”, he said. “The greatest pain is not that they don’t have the luxuries of life. They [...]