“Talk show” helps people understand Catholic faith better

Panellists (from left) Keith Neubronner, Kathleen Sim, Father Terence Pereira and Eric Lam at the Love in the City event.A special “talk show” held a few days after Christmas Day helped some 50 people gain a better understanding of the festival celebrated by Christians all over the world.The event, titled Love in the City, was [...]

Empowering ministries in their service of families, marriages

“We have all been called to be the alternative voice; the counter-culture. We need to bring God’s healing love to hurting marriages and families,” said Ms Cyrine Gregory, Marriage Encounter co-ordinator.She was commenting on the Archdiocesan Commission for the Family (ACF) Family Partners’ Empowerment event at the Catholic Spirituality Centre on April 16.The event, attend [...]

‘Communion’ within local Church stressed at workshops

Strong call for unity within archdiocese made at New Evangelisation workshops for parishes and other Church groupsThe Church in Singapore can only move forward if there is unity among parishes, ministries and archdiocesan organisations. Without such a communion, the Church would not be dynamic, vibrant and evangelical.This was the sobering message that Archbishop William Goh [...]

Coming up: symposium on divorce, separation, annulment

Many people are aware of the biblical teaching on the permanence of marriage: “Therefore what God has joined together, no human being must separate” (Mark 10:9).However, when crisis hits and a civil divorce looms, some couples lose not only hope but also faith. How then can one remain faithful to God and in full communion [...]

Using social media as a tool to evangelise

To encourage Catholics to take up the call to evangelise on social media, 10 video entries were submitted for a video competition  called SHAREfest, Stirring Hearts: A Real Encounter Festival. Each video was no more than five minutes.The competition, organised by the East District Youth Committee, was held at the Verbist Hall in the Church [...]

Work as expression of a person’s dignity

There needs to be a change in the way work is viewed. Work must be an avenue for self-realisation, a platform to make the world a better place.Fr Terence Pereira made this point in his talk on work and the Church at the Church of the Holy Cross on Aug 2.A constant obsession with cost [...]

Evangelising on social media

SINGAPORE – To spur the Church to evangelise through social media, the East District Youth Committee organised a workshop on July 28, at the Church of the Holy Family. About 40 participants attended the workshop. The project, called SHAREfest (SHARE as an acronym for Stirring Hearts:  A Real Encounter), draws its inspiration from Pope Francis’ [...]