Walking a barefoot Way of the Cross in Singapore

Participants walked in pairs covering distances ranging from 3 to 20 km.More than 140 people, from teens to senior citizens, took part in a special barefoot Way of the Cross across Singapore recently.The annual event, called Crucis Singapura, was organised by Jesus Youth Singapore. This was the eighth time that the group, part of the [...]

Young Catholics raise awareness of mental health issues

Confirmands from Holy Cross Church worked with Clarity staff on Project G.O.D.A parish project in aid of people with mental health issues, and which saw the involvement of the parish’s teens, raised more than $40,000.The Church of the Holy Cross’ Project G.O.D (Gift of One Dollar), raised a total of $41,357 for Clarity Singapore, a [...]

Parenting teens course launched

People who attended an introductory talk on the parenting of teenagers say they are looking forward to the programme.The Alpha Parenting (Teenagers) Course offers a good refresher programme for parents, said Mr Philip Yeap, adding that he looks forward to the sharing of insights with other parents.Mr Yeap was one of 30 people who attended [...]

Teens likely to adapt quickly to new missal, say catechists

‘Teens are not as wedded to tradition. In today’s culture everything is always changing. New is not something they’re afraid of.’ – Fr Richard Hilgartner, executive director of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Secretariat on Divine Worship WASHINGTON – Although the phrase “consubstantial with the Father” might not roll off the tongues of Catholic [...]

Valuing Sexuality: A Guide For Catholic Teens

For all too long, the topic of sex and sexuality has been narrowly defined and often cloaked in secrecy. Sexuality involves much more than male or female genitals and much more than what happens between two individuals in the privacy of their bedroom. Sexuality is a total human experience. It is a gift of your [...]

Missionary School for Teens: future guides for their peers

Oruro (Agenzia Fides) – The “Mission School for Teens,” for young adults with a missionary spirit who want to become “guides” for other missionary teens, begins September 2 and goes until September 5. In fact, the school aims at preparing young people in the area of missionary training, organization, and cooperation, so that they are [...]