Korean actress to help combat teen suicide

SEOUL – A popular young TV actress has joined a Catholic campaign to prevent teenage suicides.Gabriella Seo Hyun-jin, 26, agreed to become an “Angel for Pro-Life” during a meeting with Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk of Seoul on July 11.The Angels for Pro-Life teenage anti-suicide group, was recently established by the One-Body One-Spirit Movement (OBOS), the [...]

Korean youths fight suicide

SEOUL – Angels for Pro-Life, a recently established teenage anti-suicide group, has staged a street campaign to try and reduce the numbers of youth suicides in South Korea.Seoul archdiocese’s One Body One Spirit Movement paraded through the capital’s Myeongdong shopping district on June 11 with the Catholic youth group to help them get their message [...]

Do suicide bombers go to hell?

Q. How does God deal with suicide bombers who believe they will go to "paradise" and be with Allah? How can they go to hell if they don’t even believe in it? For that matter, how can anyone go to hell who doesn’t believe in it? Sometimes I think hell is only for bad Catholics.A. [...]

Archbishop Nicholas Chia: Church Condemns Direct Euthanasia

SINGAPORE – The Catholic Church condemns direct euthanasia, whether voluntary or involuntary, said Archbishop Nicholas Chia in response to recent Singapore media coverage on euthanasia. The archbishop’s statement was made in the form of a pastoral letter released on All Saints Day and addressed to Catholics in Singapore. It was read at Masses during the [...]


 THE WORD EUTHANASIA comes from two Greek words, ‘eu’ and ‘thanatos’ which literally means good death. Etymologically speaking, euthanasia should even be seen as the natural desire of every person. Everyone wants a good death and we even pray for a good and happy death. But today no one uses the word in this sense [...]

Support group for families of suicide victims formed

By Daniel TaySINGAPORE – A support group for families of suicide victims has been formed. Participants will meet at their first session on Tuesday Jul 17 from 7.30pm- 9.00pm at the CPE centre located on the second level of the Assisi Hospice in Thomson Road. All who have experienced such losses are invited to attend. [...]