Because we CARE, we give new meaning to HIV/AIDS patients

Diana Lee, a volunteer, shares her experiencesCatholic AIDS Response Effort volunteers and staff (facing camera in black and white tops), together with residents having a singalong session.Four years ago, at the blissful age of 67, a nagging desire to be a volunteer enveloped me. Whenever I hear a homily, read a spiritual book or watch [...]

A series of activities to mark Catholic High anniversary

A Mass was held concurrently for primary and secondary sections at Catholic High Founder’s Day celebration.The unfurling of a banner by Fr Henry Siew set off a line up of activities to mark the 83rd Founder’s Day celebrations at Catholic High School in Bishan.The celebrations, held from Oct 8-13, with the theme “ConneXions” set the [...]

Meditating on a Gospel passage through sight and sound

A sharing by Alvin on his painting on the calm after Jesus had quietened the storm.The venue was not a church but it was a meeting room. At the front, instead of a rostrum there was an easel and a white canvas mounted.Everyone sat in anticipation as Mr Sylvester Singh from the Office for the [...]

Peranakans usher in Year of the Monkey

There is a story of how to tangkap (catch) a monyet (monkey). Place some food such as kachang (nuts) or nasi (rice) in a coconut with a small hole in its side, Redemptorist Fr Eugene Lee told a delighted Peranakan crowd at the Church of the Holy Family.When the monkey’s hand goes into the hole, [...]

History comes alive with SG50 video, virtual exhibition

On July 4, we celebrated not only a national Church event, but also premiered our first historical video and launched a virtual exhibition on the history of the Church. Screened at the pre-Mass segment of the Joy SG50 event, Our Catholic Light traces how the light of Christ has been conveyed through the ages, how [...]

Acting out Bible stories

About 50 people gathered at the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea canteen on July 12 to witness Bible passages coming to life through drama.The church’s Bible Sunday celebration saw parishioners taking to the stage, donning colourful costumes and using props. Coming in first place was Jerome and Family, a family of nine [...]

Japanese Storytellers

Storytellers in Japan have quite a unique trade. They go from town to town with their small theatre strapped On the back of their bicycles.When a storyteller comes ol.l a likely looking spot he beats a wooden clapper to summon the childre.n of the neighbourhood. Then, when he gets a good-sized audience, he raises the [...]

Ah Wong of the Cross

A Story for ChildrenJUST as the sun was peeping over the horizon, Ah Wong’s father woke him up. It was a festival day, the feast of the Lanterns – a day when people in China really enjoy themselves and forget all their troubles and visit their friends.As Ah Wong walked. with his father, amidst the [...]

Japanese Bombs Hit Catholic Orphanage (1937)

Tragic Story Brought Back By PriestsSISTERS’ DISAPPEARANCE CAUSES GRAVE ANXIETY.Shanghai, Dec. 1. A terrible story has been brought to Shanghai by the French Father Delois and the Italian Father Bonnanatte after a long roundabout journey afoot through the bandit-infested countryside. The story tells of the destruction of the Catholic orphanage at Slashing on November 15th [...]

Much lost in this storm of a Noah movie

One of the most loved Bible stories that continues to fascinate children and adults is the story of Noah.If you are going to watch this NC16 movie with little understanding or background to the movie, you might think that what is depicted is what is recounted in the Bible. The movie, however, is not faithful [...]