LETTER: Truth cannot contradict truth

In responding to my article, Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys? (CN, Feb 9), Mr Gerard Goh and Ms Estella Young (CN, Feb 23) were keen to affirm that “religion does not clash with science” or that “faith and reason can go hand in hand”.I readily agree with this position. I agree that academic disciplines of [...]

Letter: Evolution not incompatible with Catholic faith

Fr Henry Siew’s anti-evolution article (Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys?, CN, Feb 9) misrepresents both the theory of evolution and Church teaching on the subject.While Fr Siew is correct that no present-day species has evolved into another present-day species, this is not what evolution claims. Evolutionary biologists posit that man and monkey share a common [...]

Mass & Prayers for the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew

23 March 2015 (Singapore) – The Roman Catholic Church, along with the rest of Singapore, mourns the loss of our nation’s founding father, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. In memory of the late Mr Lee, Archbishop William will be celebrating Mass at St Joseph’s Church (Victoria St) on Friday, 27 March at 1:15pm. Members [...]

Visit To The Roman Parish Of St. Gregory The Great

Vatican City, 6 April 2014 (VIS) – At 4 p.m. the Holy Father visited the Roman parish of St. Gregory the Great, in the Portuense quarter. He greeted faithful and parishioners, and met with children, catechumens, the sick and the elderly. The Pontiff encountered various aspects of life in the area, through organisations such as [...]

Listen To And Look At Jesus To Illuminate The Soul

Vatican City, 16 March 2014 (VIS) – “The Christian’s first task is to listen to the Word of God, to listen to Jesus, because He speaks to us, and He saves us with His Word. And He makes our faith stronger and more robust, with his Word”. Pope Francis addressed these words to the faithful [...]

The Pope: “We Must Renew The Soul Of Our Institutions”

Vatican City, 26 May 2012 (VIS) – “We must form people’s consciences in the light of the Word of God, whence all plans of the Church and of men draw meaning and strength, also as regards the construction of the earthly city. We must renew the soul of our institutions and make history fertile with [...]

Faith leaders engage in soul searching at Assisi

Religious leaders hold oil lamps during the interfaith gathering for peace outside the Basilica of St Francis in Assisi. From left: Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury; Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople; Pope Benedict XVI; Rabbi David Rosen, representing the chief rabbinate of Israel; and Wande Abimbola, representative for the traditional religion of Nigeria’s Yoruba [...]

Soul Food

April 2010, Tomorrow: I LOVE the Adoration Room. There is an overwhelming serenity that never fails to overcome me the moment I step in. Needing inspiration for my article, I found myself sitting there one morning. As I look at the Holy Eucharist before me, I must admit that it resembles just a plain piece [...]

Deepen knowledge while maintaining a ‘little’ soul

“What was born in Bethlehem was the Wisdom of God. In the fullness of time this Wisdom assumed a human face, the face of Jesus. … let us ask ourselves: who was there on that Christmas night in the grotto of Bethlehem? Who welcomed newborn Wisdom? … Not the doctors of law, the scribes or [...]