God’s Mercy – Mystery of Christ’s Passion

Msgr Philip Heng, SJ God’s Mercy and Compassionate Love are a mystery that many struggle to comprehend especially when a person’s pain and suffering are overwhelming and there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. In such situations God seems to be absent.    In suffering, a person could [...]


When God Has Other Plans For YouBy Wendy Tan My world fell apart 15 years ago when I found out that my husband was having an affair and had fathered a child with this woman. It felt as though a sword had pierced through my heart and whatever trust I had in him was destroyed. [...]

Retreat helps participants experience God through drama

Participants of the Finding God in Drama retreat taking part in a session.Participants who attended a retreat fusing both prayer and drama said they experienced personal healing and a greater sense of their God-given identity. “The retreat experience was like God’s light shining in the deepest parts of me, bringing out those parts which have [...]

Chancery Notice – 1 July 2016

OBITUARY Mdm. Martha Zhang Pinxian, mother of Fr Peter Zhang CDD passed away on 30 June 2016 in Beijing at 1.20pm Beijing local time.She was 71 years old and had been admitted to hospital for the past month. Fr Peter Zhang CDD had taken home leave to be with his mother this past month. In [...]

Jesus’ story creatively told in movie

How do you tell a story that has been told many times, make it interesting and yet not stray too far from the original version?Somehow, the upcoming movie Son of God (Twentieth Century Fox and Lightworkers Media) manages to do so with good acting, great soundtrack and impressive cinematography.The good news (pun intended) is that [...]

My Struggle with Same Sex Attraction

Answering the Call to Greater LoveGrowing up in an all boys ‘ school, I found myself (then aged 11) being fascinated by the physique of my guy friends. As I was slightly less than athletic, I had idealised the perfect male physique that I envisioned for myself. I wanted to be like them, with a [...]

Experiencing support in death and grief

A wife, a mother and a son share about how God and the faith community helped them cope in their pain and grief Transformed in the face of death Madam Germaine Yeo was 49 when she was diagnosed with stage fourcolorectal cancer in 2008. She was told she had three months to live. At this [...]

Baptised with God’s Love

SFX Bulletin, 11 January 2015 While Scripture is to be prayerfully read as sacred text and not always as literal history, bible scholars almost all agree that the baptism of Jesus which is recorded in all four gospels (Mt.3:13-17; Mk.1:9-11; Lk.3:21-23; Jn.1:29-33)  is an event that actually took place – it is as true as [...]