Hai Sing Catholic puts Franciscan values into action

Students ploughing the soil in the vegetable garden.Walking through Hai Sing Catholic School, one can’t help but notice a simple vegetable garden with the students all hands-on at the plot.This garden is part of the school’s green efforts and to also build the character and faith of its Catholic students. After all, St Francis of [...]

The Church In Korea (1950)

War is raging in Korea and millions there are in agony. How can we be indifferent to the fate of our Korean brothers and sisters’? They are all creature::; of God like ourselves. And among them are Catholics, redeemed as we have been redeemed, by Christ’s Precious Blood, members of the great Christian family, our [...]

Sowing seeds of controversy

WE ALL love success stories, especially in certain hospital wards where sad stories reign and hope seems absent. But is life similar to a car in which one can change body parts so as to make it continue to chug on and on?Like some macabre tale by Stephen King or Michael Crichton, some cells are [...]

Sowing The Seeds Of Reformation

April 2010, Tomorrow: TRUE to the adage, nothing is constant except constant change, the way catechism is experienced by both the teacher (Catechist) and student (Catechised) over the years is going through a transformation.The Catechetical Office in Singapore commemorated Catechetical Sunday this year by launching the Archdiocesan Catechist Coordinator’s Course. The new course, which was [...]