NFP: Just another form of contraception?Contrary to popular belief, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is not “Catholic Contraception” like it is commonly misconstrued. It isn’t the outdated “calendar rhythm method” either, where a woman estimates when her fertile period is, based on information gleaned from her previous six cycles. This method is quite unreliable indeed. So [...]

Teacher’s Day Mass celebrated to reaffirm role of Catholic educators

Close to 200 Catholic educators, school staff, family, and friends gathered to commemorate Teachers’ Day at a specially organised Mass held on Sept 12.Organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS), the Eucharistic celebration took place at Catholic High School, and was celebrated by Msgr Ambrose Vaz, Fr Edward Seah and Fr Adrian Danker.In [...]

Evangelising on social media

SINGAPORE – To spur the Church to evangelise through social media, the East District Youth Committee organised a workshop on July 28, at the Church of the Holy Family. About 40 participants attended the workshop. The project, called SHAREfest (SHARE as an acronym for Stirring Hearts:  A Real Encounter), draws its inspiration from Pope Francis’ [...]

Moved by support from fiancee’s mum

It was the support and care that his future mother-in-law showed towards him that made Mr Zachary Seah want to know more about the Catholic faith. Mr Seah recollected that he accompanied his fiancée to church occasionally, and in the last few years, he had encountered some pressure in his work and studies. His fiancée’s [...]