Treasuring the value of each religion

Archbishop William Goh with representatives of different faiths at the Archdiocesan Interreligious Christmas celebration. Photo: VITA Images   Jared Ng It is important for all religions to work together to ensure there is continued significance in the various religious festivals and celebrations. This is in light of secularisation which is sweeping across societies, and posing [...]

Aiding communities affected by crisis in Rakhine State

Displaced persons from Myanmar’s Rakhine State cluster around a food distribution truck in Kutapalong camp, southern Bangladesh. Photo: TOMMY TRENCHARD (CARITAS INTERNATIONALIS)Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS) has pledged 40,000 euros (S$63,000) to its partner, Caritas Bangladesh, in response to the influx of displaced communities which have fled into Bangladesh due to the [...]

Church’s response to queries on imam incident

Imam Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel Abdul Malik was convicted of committing an act prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different religious groups and was fined $4,000.The Roman Catholic Church in Singapore has given the following responses to media queries on the incident:Q: What does the Singapore Catholic Church think of this incident, which has [...]

Religious representatives bond at cathedral gathering

The celebration, held on Dec 29, aimed at promoting religious harmonyArchbishop William Goh and representatives of various religions pose for a photo in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd on Dec 29. Photo: VITA ImagesBy Jared Ng“As religious leaders, we must set the example of leading the world to find peace not through war but [...]

Archbishop Goh speaks to Methodists on interfaith relations

How do we reach out to those who rely not on God, but on science and reason to make choices in their lives. This was one question posed to Archbishop William Goh during the question-and-answer segment of the Trinity Annual Conference held at Barker Road Methodist Centre on March 31. Archbishop Goh was invited by [...]

Relating to religious believers and non-believers

Archbishop gives Church’s views in interfaith symposium How does the Catholic Church relate to people from other religions and to people with no religion?This and other questions were tackled by Archbishop William Goh during a Jan 20 symposium on how religions can contribute to social harmony and coexistence.The head of the Singapore Catholic Church was [...]

Do We Welcome God?

SFX Bulletin, 5 October 2014: “Do we welcome God?”  This may seem a silly question to ask especially when we are at Mass every Sunday (and perhaps even every day).  Our faithful attendance should be a clear sign that we do think about God – and is that not good enough?Jesus’ Parable of the Vineyard, [...]