How is God calling me to journey through life?

Spiritual direction can be the answer to this and other questions. Father Matthew Linn shares

Jesuit Father Matthew Linn says it is all the more imperative for people to seek spiritual direction in a world that moves so fast.

Jared Ng

As we are about to begin the interview, Father Matthew Linn quickly realises he forgot his hearing aid. “Can’t hear a word without them,” he quips.

At the ripe old age of 76, the spirited Jesuit still retains a sense of wittiness to go along with the wisdom accumulated over the many years. This combination of wit and wisdom is perhaps the reason why people all over the world look forward to his inputs on spiritual direction at symposiums and retreats.

For 30 years, Fr Matthew has been travelling across the globe to conduct talks and sessions on what spiritual direction is and its significance. He also teaches and trains spiritual directors.

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