Serving people who are living with HIV/AIDS

Bernard Sim, a volunteer with the Catholic AIDS Response Effort, shares his experiencesMr Sim doing some nutrition training for CARE residents.One Sunday after attending 11 am Mass, while on the way to lunch, a call came through asking me to transport some heavy items.I did not want to reject Peter’s request as he has been [...]

My journey to the RCIA and the Catholic Church

New Catholics who joined the Church at the recent Easter vigil share their faith journeys with Jared NgFinding God in a visit to St Peter’s Basilica It was during a tour in Italy on their honeymoon in 2010 when Mr Choo Poh Choon and his wife, Bibianna, first experienced the “calmness and peace” of the [...]

Now able to care for people’s feelings

Although she had agreed to attend the RCIA programme at the Church of St Stephen, Ms Seraphina Peh said only joined to learn more about the faith and was not looking to be baptised. She attributed this to her stubbornness and her need to be convinced. However, her attitude changed after her parents fell ill [...]

Goodness Comes From God But Is Realised Thanks To The Faithful

“Each of us, is like a branch which lives only if it grows every day through prayer and participation in the Sacraments, through charity and union with the Lord. Those who love Christ, the true vine, produce fruits of faith for an abundant spiritual harvest”. – Pope Benedict XVI Vatican City, 6 May 2012 (VIS) [...]