Why and how does the truth set us free?

A spiritual reflection on the pope’s message for World Communications Day 2018By Estella Young, OPThe Holy Father’s decision to tackle “fake news” for this year’s World Communications Day (WCD) on May 13 comes at a time when governments worldwide are grappling with the abuse of social media for political gain and to inflame racial and [...]

Building the new church in Punggol

Fr Joachim Chang talks about the financial challengesFr Joachim Chang, parish priest of the upcoming Church of the Transfiguration, seen here with religious statues and artefacts to be housed in the new church.A magnificently adorned tabernacle stands at one spot, life-size statues of Our Lady line a wall, while gleaming procession lanterns adorn one end [...]

Unity amidst diversity at Pentecost Rally

Families, teenagers, different nationalities make rally a memorable experienceAwesome, and a great experience of unity.This was what many felt about the full-day Pentecost Rally held at Holy Innocents’ High School on May 15.“People here are united, with the same objective of responding to God’s call,” said Mr Chen Fabang, 45, a Chinese national.It was his [...]

Questions on the Faith: Why do evil spirits exist?

Q: Why are there evil spirits? One would have thought that God, with His infinite goodness, wisdom and foresight, would not create anything that would become evil. Now that they exist, why doesn’t God wipe them out? – Anthony Oei A: This is a good but rather complex question. Firstly, I am assuming that by [...]

Grateful to God for completion of prayer book

Encouraged by the many letters, emails and sharings by people, Verbum Dei Sr Sandra Seow completed the third and final book of Prayer for Living: The Word of God for Daily Prayer series.“I am grateful to God for calling me to be at the service of His Word. Through writing the reflection book for these [...]

Archdiocese warns against ‘Charlie Charlie’

A game that purports to invoke a Mexican demon – known as “Charlie, Charlie” and considered to be a simplified version of the Ouija board – has gone viral on social media among young people.Scores of short video clips, posted mostly by teens, show players shrieking when a pencil apparently moves on its own after [...]

El Shaddai marks anniversary

“Power! Power! Power!” shouted the 3,000-strong crowd of mainly Filipinos as they fist-pumped the air during a time of praise and worship at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall.The venue was bustling with activity on Oct 5 as Catholics celebrated the 23rd anniversary of El Shaddai in Singapore – a Charismatic movement founded by Filipino Mariano [...]

Will Christianity Fail?

Lessons Of Past History The Catholic Church Unconquerable FATHER Dudley, notable English author and lecturer, was an Anglican clergyman before he became a convert to the Catholic Church. The following is from his ‘ The Church Unconquerable,” which has just been issued as a C.T.S. publication. TOWARDS the end of the Great War we were [...]