Supporting schools in their mission

Catholic schools share the mission of the Church. The Archdiocese Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) works with Catholic schools to strengthen the Catholic ethos in their communities by supporting them in their mission to provide a holistic education that includes the dimension of spiritual growth and the fulfilment of potential of gifts and talents given [...]

Marymount Convent School celebrates 60th anniversary

The sarong kebaya-clad choir was a highlight of the July 31 celebration.Marymount Convent School, started by the Good Shepherd Sisters, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with various activities.One such celebration was held on July 31, the birthday of St Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, the foundress of the Good Shepherd Sisters.During this event, students were [...]

Questions on the Faith: About cremation

Q: During Bible Study, we discussed what our resurrected bodies would look like and this led to the subject of Catholic burial. Some of us do not understand the Catholic Church’s stand that the cremated ashes of a Catholic can only be kept or deposited on holy ground which today means in a church columbarium. [...]

OBITUARY: Faith Tours founder sparked my interest in pilgrimages

Fr Edmund Chong pays tribute to the late Thomas LuiWhen I count my blessings, I count it twice because of you! [Source: Unknown] I count my God-given blessings when my “love affairs” with pilgrimages were introduced early into my life.It was Faith Tours’ pilgrimages that caught my interest most during my priestly infancy. I must [...]

More than 100 in Battambang outreach

It was the first time that a large group of 118 ACTS volunteers, led by spiritual director Fr Jovita Cyprian Ho, travelled to Battambang Prefecture in northwestern Cambodia from Dec 6-13 last year to do mission work.Previously, about 30 ACTS volunteers went there annually.The volunteers, who also included non-Catholics, formed various teams, and set out [...]

University Students: Bear Witness to Christ in All Places

VATICAN CITY, 31 MAR 2010 (VIS) – Among his greetings at the end of today’s general audience, the Pope addressed a group of 4,000 university students from thirty countries who are participating in an international congress promoted annually by the Prelature of Opus Dei. The theme of this year’s gathering is: “Can Christianity inspire a [...]

Some places of pilgrimage and spiritual renewal

? FatimaFATIMA IS A small town in Portugal located 88 miles north of of Lisbon. Fatima is a major Catholic pilgrimage site because of the appearance of the Virgin Mary in 1917 to three local shepherd children. The terrain around the village is wild and barren; a stark contrast with the fervent devotion of the [...]