A new building with a bigger vision …

… says Archbishop Goh at the blessing of the new Novena ChurchArchbishop William Goh deposits a relic of St Alphonsus Liguori beneath the altar during the blessing of the new Novena Church. Photos: MICHAEL LIEWBy Christopher KhooGreat things happen only because people dare to dream dreams. If there are no dreamers, there will be no [...]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More people coming late for Mass now

The number of Catholics coming to church late for Mass seems to be increasing. Those parishioners entering the church during the Gospel readings are a disgrace and totally disrespectful.  All latecomers should understand that they are distracting other parishioners who may be in silent prayer.I am sure that all parishioners appreciate the voluntary work carried [...]

Changes and change

THE dawn of a new year brings hope and expectancy of change – for the better – on a personal level, on the level of society as a whole and the world at large. Changes have certainly come about in the Archdiocese Of Singapore. New postings affecting nearly half of the clergy were announced recently. [...]

Coming up: film festival on Catholic social teachings in September

Film premiere, workshop on film history to be featured among others CANA The Catholic Centre will hold the second edition of its CANA Film Festival (CFF) from Sept 7-13. The biennial event first took place in June 2014 and is focused on the universality of Catholic social teachings.According to CANA, stories about good versus evil, [...]

Questions on the Faith: About cremation

Q: During Bible Study, we discussed what our resurrected bodies would look like and this led to the subject of Catholic burial. Some of us do not understand the Catholic Church’s stand that the cremated ashes of a Catholic can only be kept or deposited on holy ground which today means in a church columbarium. [...]

Catholics visit synagogue, learn about Jewish faith and culture

What is a typical prayer or worship session like for Jews? What are some of the common traditions shared by Christians and Jews? These were some of the questions posed to Chief Rabbi Mordechai Abergel during a visit by Catholics to the Maghain Aboth Synagogue at Waterloo Street on Dec 20. Fifty-four participants visited the [...]

Archbishop’s vision for restored cathedral

Hopes for it to come alive with activities, religious celebrations catering to a wide range of people The restored Cathedral of the Good Shepherd must be a vibrant place hosting various religious celebrations, and reaching out to youth, the elderly, migrants and expatriates. Catholics from more well-off parishes have a duty to financially support the [...]

When prayers go ‘unanswered’

  Fr Henry Siew delves into the issue and the whole meaning of prayer THERE are many needs in life and we desire to satisfy them all. And when we are confronted with difficulties and problems, we spontaneously turn to God, asking for His assistance, hoping that the problems can be resolved.However, we do not [...]

Letter: Looking at evolution in ‘proper light’

With reference to the article, Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys? (CN, Feb 9), I do agree with much of the fundamentals of the theology Fr Henry Siew put forth in his article. As a Catholic scientist, however, I simply cannot accept the science presented. There is a good reason for the Church’s caution in not [...]