Building the Church of Tomorrow

Catechesis for a catechistThe Gift of My Church (#TGOMC) is a series featuring how Catholics from all walks of life have been touched by God through their service or participation in the life of the Archdiocese of Singapore. In this issue, newly minted catechist, Alexander Ee, shares with writer Magdalene Lee how God has led [...]

Religion and Society: Christian and Muslim Perspectives

VATICAN CITY, 8 NOV 2010 (VIS) – The Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue and the Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation of Tehran, Iran, have organised their seventh meeting, due to be held in Tehran from 9 to 11 November. […]

Movie ratings – Catholic perspectives

Carmelita Leow, who writes for “Candle”, a publication by the National University of Singapore Catholic Students Society, gives her perspective.AS I WAS searching for movie reviews recently, it occurred to me that there are certain ages where we can feel caught in between. For example, I’m turning 20 this year. Yet, while I’m no longer [...]