Serving needy kids in Pattaya

Morning walk for children from day care centre. It was a mission trip to bring love, hope and joy to underprivileged children in Pattaya, Thailand. But for the 46 mostly young Singapore missionaries who went, they received from their beneficiaries as much as they gave.The missionaries, mostly aged 13-18 from the Church of Christ the [...]

S’poreans reach out to needy young people in Pattaya

Catholics from Singapore interacting with teenagers with disabilities in Pattaya during their mission trip.Some 50 Catholics, mostly from the Church of Christ the King, travelled to Pattaya, Thailand, and visited various Catholic charity institutions there in early December.Redemptorist Fr Simon Pereira and parish priest Fr John Sim led the group, which included parents and their [...]

Serving people with special needs in Pattaya

Parishioners of the Church of the Risen Christ playing games with the kids at Father Ray Children’s village in Pattaya, Thailand, during a recent mission trip.A mission trip to charitable institutions in Pattaya, Thailand, serving people with special needs proved to be a moving experience for the Singapore participants.“Even without their sight, they could do [...]

Reaching out to needy kids in Pattaya

Singaporean Catholics play with children at a school for the deaf in Pattaya.To evangelise the poor and be evangelised by them. This was the goal of the Redemptorist Overseas Mission Trip (R.O.M.E) to Pattaya, Thailand, that took place from Dec 1-9.Led by Fr Simon Pereira, R.O.M.E brought together two seminarians and 51 laypeople, including parents, [...]

Pattaya mission enriches young Singaporeans

SINGAPORE – The mission was to reach out to the poor and underprivileged. Armed with this missionary zeal, 60 participants, including Redemptorist seminarians and youth coordinators, spearheaded by Redemptorist Father Simon Pereira, spent nine days last December in Pattaya working with the Father Ray Foundation.These 60 participants (above), of different ages and from different parishes, [...]

Meeting Jesus at Pattaya beach

SINGAPORE – This year, Mission Orientation Programme (MOP) participants travelled to Pattaya, Thailand where they visited places where there were many "victims of rejection and contempt" described in Pope John Paul II’s encyclical, "Redemptorist Missio", which they studied as part of their formation programme.  […]