Values: Are kidney patients dying because of a principle?

In this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we examine the difference between organ donation and organ trading. On June 27, 2008, an Indonesian Sulaiman Damanik pleaded guilty in a Singapore Court for trying to sell his kidney to retail magnate Tang Wee Sung for $23,700. The broker of [...]

SFX altar servers reach out to hospice patients

Left and below: Altar servers from the Church of St Francis Xavier spent time interacting with Assisi Hospice patients during the June school holidays.Altar servers from the Church of St Francis Xavier spent time with cancer patients at Assisi Hospice recently.The objective of the outreach was to expose the youths to service within the wider [...]

Hospice’s new chapel a boon for patients, family members

Assisi Hospice’s new chapel features a crucifix with the figure of the Risen Christ.The newly opened Assisi Hospice chapel is a great blessing, say patients.One female patient says she “feels very at home” in the chapel “because I’m a convent girl and it reminds me of the convent, it’s a good feeling”.Her daughter agrees, saying [...]

Support group gives hope to cancer patients, caregivers

Fr Joseph Tan speaking to participants of a recent retreat held for cancer patients and caregivers. The St Mary of the Cross cancer support group organised the retreat.“This retreat helps you focus on God. It makes you realise that you have to live your life to the fullest every day,” says 49-year-old cancer survivor Esther [...]

Father and Son. Both Calles Now Patients in Catholic Hospital

It was previously announced that General Plutarco Elias Calles, the Mexican dictator and intensifier of the persecution of the Church, had been operated upon in a Catholic hospital in Los Angeles conducted by nuns. Now, another message from Los Angeles informs us, Rodolfo Elias Calles, one of the arch-persecutors and Secretary of Communications in the [...]

Assisi Hospice charity dinner raises $1 million

SINGAPORE – Having a community where friends could be made meant a lot to Nicholas Tang, especially since there were many places that he could not go to  because of his medical condition.Mr Tang, 17, suffers from a tumour in his windpipe which prevents him from going to places that could result in infections, but [...]


 THE WORD EUTHANASIA comes from two Greek words, ‘eu’ and ‘thanatos’ which literally means good death. Etymologically speaking, euthanasia should even be seen as the natural desire of every person. Everyone wants a good death and we even pray for a good and happy death. But today no one uses the word in this sense [...]