World Communications Day – Let God’s glory shine through your personal life …

The congregation at the World Communications Day Mass. Photo: VITA Images

Audrey Lee

Live a life such that you can showcase God’s love. And, in doing so you can all be witnesses of His glory through your own personal lives. So, as Catholics we must enlighten, not condemn, save lives and not bring others down, heal and not cause more division and hurt, said Archbishop William Goh.

And the platforms to reach the wider audience is to ride on the power of the new and old media, However, to be communicators of the Good News, we need to first listen to the Lord and His Gospel.

The Archbishop was addressing some 1,000 people who attended the World Communications Day Mass at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd on June 2. Present among the congregation were staff, volunteers and collaborators in various communications roles from the different parishes and church organisations.

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