Values: Of Means, Ends and Morality

In this final article in the series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we look at the fundamentals in ethical debates. A TROLLEY car is hurtling down a track. In its path are five people who will definitely be killed unless you, a bystander, flip a switch which will divert it [...]

Priest discusses morality of cosmetic surgery

Having such surgery out of vanity ‘is unethical,’ said Fr David Garcia.Cosmetic surgery is ethically justified if used to restore or acquire a normal appearance for one’s gender and age that benefits normal social interaction.However, if it is done out of vanity, it is considered immoral, Fr David Garcia told participants at an ethics and [...]

How much is a human kidney worth?

THE CHURCH HAS stubbornly maintained that “the human person” should be at the centre of all ethical decisions. Doesn’t this imply that the morality of organ trade depends on how many human persons may benefit with it?Some think that legalizing organ trade will solve the problem of shortage of kidneys and save the lives of [...]