“A Man For Others” – Montfort’s way to relieve disaster

A Montfort Junior School student customising his fabric pouch at the arts and crafts stall.On Sept 28, much of Palu, Donggala and Mamuju in Sulawesi, Indonesia, was devastated by an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami. The disaster claimed thousands of lives, injured many others, destroyed infrastructure and homes, leaving survivors without shelter and basic needs.At [...]

New instances of impersonation of emails

The Archdiocese of Singapore has received reports that new email spoofing incidents are being sighted by the faithful. These new spoof emails, which are attempts of online money scams, are mimicking emails addresses that may look like those used by the priests and religious in our Archdiocese.This is a repeat of similar incidents which took [...]

Financial governance: where canon law meets civil law

The first issue of this series on Church governance looked at canon law and the governance structure of the Church. In this second article, Msgr Philip Heng focuses on the financial governance of the Church, and describes how secular and management constructs are being employed to enhance financial governance.When the disciples were first sent out [...]

Transparency in Church organisations stressed

Representatives of Church organisations at the Oct 27 workshop conducted by the Project Management Office and the Archdiocesan Finance Office. VITA ImagesParish priests, accountants, book-keepers and administrative staff of parishes and archdiocesan organisations recently attended a workshop conducted by the Project Management Office (PMO) and the Archdiocesan Finance Office (AFO).The training on standard operating procedures [...]

Archbishop’s message for CHARIS’ Humanitarian Aid Fund

The annual fundraising launch is set for Oct 7 and 8People reach to get ice cream at an evacuation centre outside Marawi, Philippines. CHARIS is appealing for funds to support organisations undertaking disaster relief and humanitarian work. CNS photoMy Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,The protracted crisis in Marawi, Philippines, has resulted in more than [...]

Building the new church in Punggol

Fr Joachim Chang talks about the financial challengesFr Joachim Chang, parish priest of the upcoming Church of the Transfiguration, seen here with religious statues and artefacts to be housed in the new church.A magnificently adorned tabernacle stands at one spot, life-size statues of Our Lady line a wall, while gleaming procession lanterns adorn one end [...]

Chancery Notice – 25 July 2016

It is believed that recently until June 2016, an Indian national and layperson named Francis George Thomas had been exercising a “charismatic healing ministry” and accepting donations of money at various locations around the Archdiocese of Singapore. This was one of many visits he has made here, and may make more. During such visits he [...]

Some thoughts on the ‘prosperity gospel’

Moral theologian Fr David Garcia dissects the notion that God wants people to be rich “Good actions are all that matters. The best good action is charity. The best kind of charity is giving money. The best thing to give money to is the Church. So hand us over £10,000 and we will see you [...]

What Happens If You Work For Money

Some people work simply and solely in order to gain money. Is there anything that divides men more than money does? In the World, – World in the sense in which Our Lord and St. John use the word money is actually the god: for money H desired not only for the sake of comfort [...]