Fr Arro features in third vocation booklet

Fr Michael Arro is the third priest to be featured in a series of vocation booklets published and distributed by the CatholicNews.In his inimitable way, he responded candidly to a range of questions posed by the CatholicNews. Among other things, he spoke about his days as a professor at the Penang College General while Vatican [...]

In honour of our Jubilarians

CatholicNews gives special mention to priests and Religious celebrating their jubilees this year DIAMOND: 60 YEARS Fr Andre Christophe, Paris Foreign MissionsParis Foreign Missions priest, Fr Andre Christophe, 85, learnt the pipe organ just before entering the minor seminary in 1942. On June 29, 1955, Fr Christophe was ordained a priest. He became an assistant [...]

An Indonesian’s desire to serve

Amidst a busy schedule, iCARE’s founder and religious and evangelisation head, Ms Tanty Tutang who is an Indonesian native living in Singapore with her three children, made time to meet me for a drink.She shared stories of how God is alive and working in our world, and about the marginalised in the remote areas in [...]

Pilgrimage to Kampong Bahru

A group of Catholics learnt about the history surrounding the Church of St Teresa and its vicinity in a special pilgrimage tour.Twenty-nine pilgrims gathered at the church in Kampong Bahru on Aug 31 for the tour, which combined history, heritage and spiritual reflection.Participants learnt about how Paris Foreign Missions (MEP) priest, Fr Emile Mariette started [...]

The Church In Korea (1950)

War is raging in Korea and millions there are in agony. How can we be indifferent to the fate of our Korean brothers and sisters’? They are all creature::; of God like ourselves. And among them are Catholics, redeemed as we have been redeemed, by Christ’s Precious Blood, members of the great Christian family, our [...]

The Holy Childhood

What is the Holy Childhood?It is the children’s share of the Propagation of the Faith; the chief means employed by the Pope to give to Catholic children an opportunity of carrying out God’s command: “Go into the whole world, preach the Gospel to every creature.”When was it Founded?It began in 1843, in France, founded by [...]