Understanding the Church’s teaching on in-vitro fertilisation

Dr Colin Ong explains the moral problems of this method of having childrenThe desire to have a child is one of the most natural of human desires, and when couples have difficulty having babies it is common to seek medical help. In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is often regarded as the only viable option. Not only does [...]

Values: Contraception – Family planning or family avoidance?

In this continuing series on Values, we look at the issue of contraception versus natural family planning (NFP), and their implications on couples and society. IN JUST the last 50 years, contraceptives have changed the world’s perception of birth control. There has been much debate over the use of contraception versus natural family planning (NFP). [...]

Same-sex attraction: Detailed Report

A forum on homosexuality titled "A Christian Response To Same-Sex Attraction" was held over four Thursdays starting May 8 and ending May 29 at CANA The Catholic Centre. The aim of the forum was to introduce various viewpoints of same-sex attraction to members of the Catholic community. This is the first time a gay lobbyist [...]

Pope praises Retrouvaille

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy – Pope Benedict XVI praised the Catholic programme Retrouvaille for its dedication to helping couples overcome serious marital difficulties. Created by a Canadian couple in 1977, Retrouvaille is a programme that works to help heal marriages in crisis. Pope Benedict said a troubled marriage can seem like a failure, "proof that the [...]