Praying as one body in Christ

Christian unity has certainly come a long way in Singapore. It started from humble beginnings back in 1990 when the first Week of Prayer for Christian Unity service was initiated by the late Jesuit Father John Wood at the Church of St Ignatius. Today, a passionate community of Christian leaders continue to foster ecumenical relations.Along [...]

Gratitude to Mary for being our Mother

The Church celebrates the feast of Mary, Mother of God on Jan 1. A Religious Sister offers this reflection.Mary my Mother, we would like to wish you a very happy new year, to thank you for your faithful help and to ask for your continued protection and guidance. We won’t wait for Mother’s Day to [...]

“A Man For Others” – Montfort’s way to relieve disaster

A Montfort Junior School student customising his fabric pouch at the arts and crafts stall.On Sept 28, much of Palu, Donggala and Mamuju in Sulawesi, Indonesia, was devastated by an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami. The disaster claimed thousands of lives, injured many others, destroyed infrastructure and homes, leaving survivors without shelter and basic needs.At [...]


NFP: Just another form of contraception?Contrary to popular belief, Natural Family Planning (NFP) is not “Catholic Contraception” like it is commonly misconstrued. It isn’t the outdated “calendar rhythm method” either, where a woman estimates when her fertile period is, based on information gleaned from her previous six cycles. This method is quite unreliable indeed. So [...]

Jesus’ story creatively told in movie

How do you tell a story that has been told many times, make it interesting and yet not stray too far from the original version?Somehow, the upcoming movie Son of God (Twentieth Century Fox and Lightworkers Media) manages to do so with good acting, great soundtrack and impressive cinematography.The good news (pun intended) is that [...]

LETTER: Truth cannot contradict truth

In responding to my article, Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys? (CN, Feb 9), Mr Gerard Goh and Ms Estella Young (CN, Feb 23) were keen to affirm that “religion does not clash with science” or that “faith and reason can go hand in hand”.I readily agree with this position. I agree that academic disciplines of [...]

Letter: Evolution not incompatible with Catholic faith

Fr Henry Siew’s anti-evolution article (Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys?, CN, Feb 9) misrepresents both the theory of evolution and Church teaching on the subject.While Fr Siew is correct that no present-day species has evolved into another present-day species, this is not what evolution claims. Evolutionary biologists posit that man and monkey share a common [...]

Letter: Looking at evolution in ‘proper light’

With reference to the article, Did Humans Evolve From Monkeys? (CN, Feb 9), I do agree with much of the fundamentals of the theology Fr Henry Siew put forth in his article. As a Catholic scientist, however, I simply cannot accept the science presented. There is a good reason for the Church’s caution in not [...]