Serving needy kids in Pattaya

Morning walk for children from day care centre. It was a mission trip to bring love, hope and joy to underprivileged children in Pattaya, Thailand. But for the 46 mostly young Singapore missionaries who went, they received from their beneficiaries as much as they gave.The missionaries, mostly aged 13-18 from the Church of Christ the [...]

Teacher receives President’s award

Ms Michele Tang (second from left) with Catholic High School principal, Ms Magdalen Soh Lai Leng (far left), a school student and staff members at the Istana on Sept 1. Ms Tang was among six recipients of the President’s Award for Teachers.A Catholic High School teacher was awarded the President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) for [...]

Charity group teaches English to ethnic minority group in Vietnam

Four missioners from Barré, an affiliate of Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS), travelled to Kontum, a province in Vietnam, to teach English to an ethnic minority community.Barré is a group of Singaporean Catholic volunteers who have been working with underprivileged children in Southeast Asia since 2010.From July 17-23, the missioners headed to [...]

More than 100 in Battambang outreach

It was the first time that a large group of 118 ACTS volunteers, led by spiritual director Fr Jovita Cyprian Ho, travelled to Battambang Prefecture in northwestern Cambodia from Dec 6-13 last year to do mission work.Previously, about 30 ACTS volunteers went there annually.The volunteers, who also included non-Catholics, formed various teams, and set out [...]

A catechist’s special ministry to the dialect-speaking elderly

“I am so happy!” exclaimed 73-year-old Maria Chan after she received the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist at the Church of the Holy Family.Ms Chan was one of 11 people, mostly above 40 years old, who received the sacraments on Aug 10, thanks to veteran catechist Andrew Goh.Two young boys received the Sacrament [...]

Lessons from Coffee

30 August 2009, The Apostle: “You want kopi or teh?” “Kopi-see siu-dai, uncle… I’m trying to cut down on the sugar. My grandfather was a diabetic you see… runs in the family.” “Oh yah… better take less sugar. Ok lah, me too… Teh-see siudai then.”I love coffee. I can’t go by a day without at [...]

Actors learn faith, life lessons from Paul The Musical

 (Left) From left, John Mark (Jeremy Lee), Barnabas (Brandon Yuen), and Paul (Timothy Wong) begin their missionary journeys and experience many encounters together. (Right) Jurane Solano plays the fctional character Miriam.Over the course of the performances of Paul The Musical held in the University Cultural Centre Jun 26-28, Timothy Wong helped more than 5,000 people [...]

Time to learn the lessons of the terrible conflict in Iraq (CN, Apr 15)

Guest commentary / The UniverseTHE FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of the start of the war in Iraq has brought forth some truly startling statistics.Australian scientist Dr Gideon Polya has brought together four sets of independent data, including information from UNICEF and the UN, to conclude that there have been at least one million deaths in Iraq since [...]