Lectors deepen their appreciation of God’s Word

Fr Terence Pereira speaking at the Lectors’ Study Day.About 200 lectors from across the Archdiocese learnt about the importance of the Word of God in one’s life and how it is key to sustaining a deep and intimate relationship with God.The lectors were participating in the Lectors’ Study Day held at the Catholic Archdiocesan Education [...]

Combined retreat for ministries fosters unity

The Glory to God retreat saw the participation of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, choir members, lectors, wardens and members of Small Christian Communities.Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, choir members, lectors, wardens and members of Small Christian Communities took part in a retreat recently to build a greater sense of communion among the various groups [...]

Questions on the Faith: On a dress code for altar servers, lectors

Should there be a uniform dress code for altar servers and lectors? Q: As a cradle born Catholic in Singapore, I have visited almost all the different parishes scattered across Singapore and it is rather perturbing that all the parishes have different standards for altar servers and lectors. Some parishes require their altar servers to [...]

Holy Spirit lectors visit synagogue

Rabbi Mordechai Abergel speaking to participants of the Sept 18 synagogue visit.Lectors and their family members from the Church of the Holy Spirit visited the Maghain Aboth Synagogue to learn more about the Jewish faith. The visit on Sept 18, organised by the Archdiocesan Catholic Council for Interreligious Dialogue (ACCIRD), also sought to give the [...]

St Mary’s comes up with lectors’ handbook…

The Church of St Mary of the Angels has released a handbook for its lectors.The Lectors’ Ministry Handbook, released in January, covers topics such as an overview of the ministry, how lectors should prepare themselves to proclaim the Word, correct pronunciation and proper attire.According to members of the ministry, the handbook came about as a [...]

SFX seminarians instituted as lectors, acolytes

Seminarian Jovita Ho, who was instituted as an acolyte, receiving the sacred vessels for Mass from Archbishop Nicholas Chia in a ceremony on Nov 4.Nine diocesan seminarians were instituted as lectors and acolytes recently in front of about 200 people gathered at the St Francis Xavier Major Seminary.The ceremony was held on Nov 4, the [...]

Lectors Ministry: Gospel Reflection

29 Aug. The Apostles: As I reflect on this Sunday’s Gospel from Luke 14:1:7-14, an encounter on my China pilgrimage trip crossed my mind. On a few occasions, at lunch or dinner, I noticed that some of our group members will gather to sit together at one table, leaving the others, the drivers and the [...]