Values: Are kidney patients dying because of a principle?

In this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we examine the difference between organ donation and organ trading. On June 27, 2008, an Indonesian Sulaiman Damanik pleaded guilty in a Singapore Court for trying to sell his kidney to retail magnate Tang Wee Sung for $23,700. The broker of [...]

Right choices, happy outcome

SYBIL ANTHONY, AN NFP instructor since the 1980s, had always wanted to have a child of her own. But since she was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure soon after her wedding in 1988, it was impossible for her to get pregnant without it being a threat to her life. Inspired by the message of "Humanae [...]

How much is a human kidney worth?

THE CHURCH HAS stubbornly maintained that “the human person” should be at the centre of all ethical decisions. Doesn’t this imply that the morality of organ trade depends on how many human persons may benefit with it?Some think that legalizing organ trade will solve the problem of shortage of kidneys and save the lives of [...]