SJI prays for Christian unity

SINGAPORE – SJI students of different Christian traditions led prayers during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2008 (photo). This year, students and staff at the school had reflections on the theme, "Pray Always Without Ceasing", read during morning assembly for six days. Daniel Liang, from Class 424, says, "Leading the prayer and carrying [...]

Bible is important to me

THERE ARE MANY Bibles in my house – the one my mother presented to me when I was a child and the Bible that was a required text in college. On my night table is the worn, pocket-sized New Testament my mother read several times a day in the years after my father’s death. I [...]

What is the Bible?

WHEN THEY FINISH reading the scriptural passages at the Eucharist, lectors say: "This is the word of the Lord." Mainstream Christian tradition calls the whole of the Bible "the word of God". How should we understand the Scriptures to be the divinely inspired word of God? Christian art could lead us astray by implying that [...]

Called and Affirmed

I REALLY CANNOT pinpoint one particular priest or religious who inspired me to be a priest. It’s really a combination of the various encounters with different priests and religious, and even lay friends who encouraged me. I had no early intentions to become a priest. Many people who knew me when I was young(er) knew [...]

Nuncio inspired by Archbishop Gregory Yong’s joy of Life

ARCHBISHOP SALVATORE PENNACCHIO, Apostolic Nuncio, expressed his regret at not being able to be present for the funeral Mass because of ill health. His message was read by a representative after Mass. It expressed his condolences to Archbishop Nicholas Chia, the clergy, relatives of the late Archbishop Gregory Yong and the faithful of Singapore Archdiocese. [...]