Communism And Christians (1950)

You May Think You Know This, Others Don't; Please Read It And Tell Them. "said The Spider To The Fly" In countries where they are not yet in power. Communist tactics are ALWAYS the same. They first keep declaring how much they want to collaborate with Catholics. They promise so convincingly to respect Christian liberty, [...]

What influence will Asians have on the upcoming papal vote?

VATICAN CITY – He might have been considered “eurocentric” compared to his globe-trotting predecessor.But Pope Benedict XVI, at least with his last moves, tried to redress the balance of a Church that in recent years had been favouring more and more Westerners for top roles even as the core of the world’s Catholic population shifts [...]

The influence of the Catholic family

We have all heard that families are the cells of society. However, in the practical matter of governance, development continues to be measured more in economic terms than in less tangible, but perhaps more important terms. Have families in Singapore progressed and developed as much as other aspects of Singapore? For Catholics, the problem of [...]

St. Gertrude: a Unique Influence on Christian Spirituality

VATICAN CITY, 6 OCT 2010 (VIS) – In his general audience, held this morning in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope dedicated his catechesis to St. Gertrude, “one of the most famous mystics and the only woman in Germany to receive the title of ‘Great'”, which was given to her “for her great cultural and evangelical [...]