His Wrath Upon Their Heads

The blood of Baghdad screams out to heaven and earth.There has been an orgy of violence in Iraq this week, as terrorists have set off a series of bombs, murdering well over 100 people. But what happened last Sunday was so utterly horrific that it merits special, and thunderous, condemnation, backed up with lethal force [...]

Kindergarten heads meet with archbishop

Principals, teachers and supervisors from Catholic kindergartens gather for this first-time meeting with one another and with Archbishop Nicholas Chia, to share and discuss challenges they face in running kindergartens.SINGAPORE – On Jul 23, principals, teachers and a few supervisors from 12 of the 19 Catholic kindergartens gathered for the first time to meet with [...]

Josephians shave head for good cause

SINGAPORE – About 160 Josephians comprising students and staff shaved their heads to raise awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore in partnership with the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s (CCF) "Hair for Hope". This unorthordox act of charity attracted 11 teachers, including two La Salle Brothers and three female teachers, and some 150 students to part with [...]