Careerists And Climbers Doing “Great Harm” To The Church

Vatican City, 8 May 2013 (VIS) – “The men and women of the Church who are careerists and social climbers, who ‘use’ people, the Church, their brothers and sisters—whom they should be serving—as a springboard for their own personal interests and ambitions … are doing great harm to the Church.” This is what Pope Francis [...]

Values: Pro-Choice or Pro-life, but Pro-Who?

Today’s article in this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore looks at the emotionally charged debate over abortion. AUSTRALIAN journalist Melinda Tankard-Reist, who draws upon the experiences of more than 200 women to write about the lasting emotional shock and trauma that follows an abortion, shares this excerpt from [...]

Embryo manipulation, adoption

In vitro creation of human embryos, a technique often used in fertility treatment, is morally wrong, first because it separates procreation from the conjugal act in marriage, and second because in practice unused embryos are often discarded, thus violating the principle that the human being is to be respected and treated as a person from [...]

Gene therapy

Genetic engineering that aims to correct genetic defects by intervening on non-reproductive cells, a process called somatic-cell gene therapy, is in principle morally acceptable. The effects in this case are limited to a single person. But is it not permissible to make genetic modifications that seek to transmit the effects to the subject’s offspring, called [...]