What happened at the very first Pentecost

Fr Dale Launderville recounts the dramatic birth of the Church some 2,000 years ago.ON THE first Christian Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit in the year of Jesus’ crucifixion transformed this traditional Jewish feast of the wheat harvest for people gathered in Jerusalem from the various parts of the known world.These peoples were both [...]

How It All Happened

An item in the ” New York Sun” describes the horrible consequences of a slight accident suffered by Mrs. Smith while frying potatoes:Mrs. Smith was frying potatoes for supper when a drop of hot grease fell on her hand. It hurt so that she called Dr. Jones. After applying medicine and a bandage, he remarked [...]

Don’t act as if Medjugorje happened: Bishop

BISHOP RATKO PERIC (photo) of Mostar-Duvno told youth and parishioners at a confirmation Mass he presided at in Medjugorje not to behave as if the alleged Marian apparitions reported in the parish were real, the Catholic News Service reports.The bishop posted an Italian translation of his June homily on his diocesan website in late September, [...]