Prayer for Vocations

Our Loving Father, source of all goodness,we turn to you with trust and confidence, followingyour Son’s instruction to pray for more labourersto bring in the harvest.Bless your Church with families and communitiesof faith and love, and from among them produce menand women dedicated to a life of holiness and service.Guide those you have called to [...]

Coming together to reflect on one’s vocation

More than 200 Catholics gathered  on Sept 5 at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Tampines to attend the Holy Hour, where they reflected on their spiritual journey.The Holy Hour was part of a vocational event, held in celebration of the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. The event was jointly organised by the [...]

Benedict XVI: Thank You All. The Lord Will Guide Us

Vatican City, 13 February 2013 (VIS) – Before his catechesis in the General Audience this morning, the Holy Father spoke of his decision to leave the pontificate. Interrupted by the applause of the crowd filling the Paul VI Hall he said: "As you know, I have decided?thank you for your kindness?to renounce the ministry which [...]

An impressive spiritual guide book

This is a little gem of a book.Its 61 pages condense spiritual advice from a seasoned spiritual director, a masterly summary of the case for solitude in our busy lives, and a succinct summary of three established methods of meditation and contemplation in the Christian tradition.Written by Good Shepherd Sr Elizabeth Lim with freelance writer [...]

Conciliar Documents: A Compass To Guide The Ship Of The Church

Vatican City, 10 October 2012 (VIS) – “We have reached the eve of the day on which we will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican Council II and the beginning of the Year of Faith”, said Benedict XVI at the start of his catechesis during this morning’s general audience in St. Peter’s Square. “And it [...]

Church Has No Technical Solution, But Can Guide Mankind

“The world, with all its resources, is unable to give humanity the light to guide it on its journey. This is clear also in our own day, when Western society seems to have lost direction and is feeling its way forward. Yet the Church, thanks to the Word of God, sees beyond these shadows. She [...]

Christian leaders issue evangelisation guide

A Christian studies the Bible. Christian leaders have issued a document, Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World: Recommendations for Conduct, after five years of consultations. CNS file photoVatican, World Council of Churches and World Evangelical Alliance reject ‘inappropriate methods of exercising mission’VATICAN CITY – The Vatican and other Christian representatives have issued a series of [...]