Community is a way of life that is lived, not taught

Father Terence Kesavan, studying Catechetics in the US, says young people need mentors that inspire them to grow and live out their Christian life.If you were to ask me about one of the most important yet lacking aspect of the way our faith is lived out, I would say it is community. A faith has [...]

Building the Church of Tomorrow

Plans in Motion to Revitalise and Grow the ArchdioceseSince charting its pastoral vision, the Archdiocese has embarked on a series of new initiatives to build a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church.Mr Mark Goh, Chairperson of the Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants & Itinerant People (ACMI), discusses the challenges and future plans [...]

Cardinal shares his concerns for Church in Asia

Taking time off his busy schedule on Aug 13, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle spoke with CatholicNews on a number of topics regarding the Church.Asked about his main concerns for the Church in Asia, the Archbishop of Manila said he was worried about the increasing gap between the rich and poor, the degradation of the environment [...]

Celebrating 5th centenary of birth of St Teresa of Avila

SINGAPORE – To commemorate the 500th year of the birth of St Teresa of Avila, the Carmelite Friars and Sisters organised a series of Novena Masses at the Church of Sts Peter and Paul from Oct 5-13, to prepare for the official celebration vigil of the feast day of the saint on Oct 14.The theme [...]

Be Rivers of God’s Grace

SFX Bulletin, 9 November 2014: The Church celebrates today the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica – the oldest of the four Papal or Major Basilicas of Rome (the other three are St. Peter’s Basilica, Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls and the Basilica of St. Mary Major).The name “Lateran” comes from [...]

Medical students on mission to Cambodia

We went to a school in Obrum, one of the villages in Cambodia where we ran a mobile village clinic as part of Mission Srolanh.Mission Srolanh, an annual medical mission trip to Cambodia, was initiated five years ago by a group of Catholic medical students from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (YLLSoM) and doctors [...]

Correction for Conversion

SFX Bulletin, 7 September 2014: The gospel today is taken from a section of Matthew often called the “Ecclesial” or “Church” Discourse.  The word “church” is used only two times in the gospels (Mt.16:18; Mt.18:17) and in both instances, refer to the authority Jesus gives to “bind and loose”.  This authority, as the Catechism tells [...]

Baptised, confirmed at age 18 and now a Cenacle novice

Lee Siew Hwee was baptised in 1992, at the age of 18 in Church of Christ the King where she attended RCIA. Taking Amy as her baptism name, she was confirmed four months later.She was trained as a civil engineer and had worked for about six years before she decided to join a school of [...]