Boys take their first step in former convent school

Canossa Catholic Primary 1 boys join the girls on their first day of school.Visibly nervous and shy but the boys soon found their feet after a warm welcome to the new co-ed Canossa Catholic Primary School, as they mingled with the girls.For the girls, this was the first time that they had boys in their [...]

Treasuring the value of each religion

Archbishop William Goh with representatives of different faiths at the Archdiocesan Interreligious Christmas celebration. Photo: VITA Images   Jared Ng It is important for all religions to work together to ensure there is continued significance in the various religious festivals and celebrations. This is in light of secularisation which is sweeping across societies, and posing [...]

Encounter, love and live Jesus!

André AhchakDo you remember the first time you were head-over-heels in love with someone When the girl in the lift you see every morning on your way up to the office finally catches your eye and she smiles at you? Or the guy you’ve regularly noticed at the far end of the food court walks [...]

Why do some young people fall out with the Church?

Our young people are constantly bombarded by messages contradictory to Christian beliefs and they face challenges everywhere: social media, music, school, friends, family and even within the Church itself.With all these distractions, some find their faith to be “irrelevant”. Others, who Catholic News spoke to, shared some reasons on why they left their youth communities.“I [...]

Starting them young to have love for the elderly

Playing the “parachute game” where everyone has to keep flapping the fabric to prevent the ball from entering the hole in the centre.Guided by the principle that it is important for children to cultivate a love for and show appreciation to the elderly, the Marist-run Catholic Kindergarten organised a mission trip to the Miriam Home [...]

50 years later, back to where it all began

  Mr Lucas Dass and Madam Teresa Gaspar pictured in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd in 2018 and 1968. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the same church and on the same day that they had tied the knot. As they walked down the black-and-white-tiled aisle of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd [...]

Archdiocesan statement on London attack

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Singapore, His Grace Archbishop William Goh, has expressed sorrow over the tragic events that have taken place in London: “We are saddened to hear of the terrorist attack in the heart of London, the symbol of democracy and law. We are outraged at such insane and inhumane [...]

OYP events reach out to university students, freshmen

The Office for Young People (OYP) organised two events for freshmen and current students. Kickstart 2016, held from June 10-11, aimed to help university freshmen prepare for life in university.The School of Christian leadership (SOCL) camp, held from May 27 to June 4, saw its largest turnout of university students learning about Christian leadership. (see [...]