Building The Church Of Tomorrow

Vision 2023: What it Takes to Build a More Vibrant and Evangelistic ChurchCatholic Foundation takes on the task of raising funds to make the Archdiocese’s vision a reality.Guests interact with one another at the Archbishop’s Residence, where the Catholic Foundation held a fundraising dinner hosted by Archbishop William Goh in 2015.“The harvest is plentiful, but the [...]

Building the new church in Punggol

Fr Joachim Chang talks about the financial challengesFr Joachim Chang, parish priest of the upcoming Church of the Transfiguration, seen here with religious statues and artefacts to be housed in the new church.A magnificently adorned tabernacle stands at one spot, life-size statues of Our Lady line a wall, while gleaming procession lanterns adorn one end [...]

The joys of responsible parenthood

JOHN AND JOANN, like many young couples, wanted "to get to know each other for the first two years before planning for children". On her first visit to her gynaecologist, Joann learned that she was "sub-fertile" and had been scheduled to undergo a procedure to help her. But before she could go through it, she [...]