Letter: Mass is not about socialising or feelings

It seems that many of our young people associate attending Mass with a social gathering and not much more (Young People Who Don’t Attend Church, CN, June 15).Reasons like being bored, not enjoying themselves, a homily that is too long and which they cannot relate to, no friend to go along with, even preferring to [...]

New Catholics share their faith journey

Several people who were baptised at Easter tell Darren Boon  how they came to embrace the Catholic faith 'God has become my best friend' Mother and two kids baptised at Easter Question from priest set couple thinking Now able to care for people’s feelings Felt tested during Lent Christ’s teachings hit her 'in the gut'

Now able to care for people’s feelings

Although she had agreed to attend the RCIA programme at the Church of St Stephen, Ms Seraphina Peh said only joined to learn more about the faith and was not looking to be baptised. She attributed this to her stubbornness and her need to be convinced. However, her attitude changed after her parents fell ill [...]

Feelings do not lie

If a person does not reveal his real self to the spouse by verbal means, the way to know him is by observing his feelings, advises Father Henry Siew.   […]

Mixed feelings (CN, Jan 21)

WE READ THE article with mixed feelings. On the one hand, we are glad that CN has taken the step to feature an article on the subject of homosexuality, to educate/inform the general public. This is long overdue. On the other hand, we are concerned that the approach taken in the article may unwittingly confuse [...]