‘She’s my eyes, I’m her ears’

Former CHIJ classmates with disabilities share how their friendship helped them for O levelsLeah Tee (left), who is visually impaired, and Laura Lee, who has hearing loss, have been classmates since Primary 1.One is visually impaired while the other suffers from hearing loss. However, through each other’s support and encouragement, Leah Tee and Laura Lee [...]

CONCERT REVIEW: Simple melodies, deep messages

Jesse Manibusan’s dulcet tones filled the Church of Divine Mercy on a tranquil Jan 10 evening.The American musician and songwriter, whose forebears were from Guam, spreads the Word through music and song. When not touring, he serves as a youth and music minister in various parishes in the US.During the recent concert here, the father [...]

“MARYMOUNT” not a dull place

TO MANY the word “convent” brings to mind a picture of austerity and silence, of gloomy .repression, of long grey corridors along which the nuns, heads bowed, glide unsubstantially wrapped in perpetual contemplation of the spirit.They remember perhaps subconsciously the Victorian lithograph, which showed a wan and wistful nun lifting her eyes from her book [...]

Pope Francis Expresses Concern For The Unemployed

Vatican City, 23 April 2014 (VIS) – Following today's general audience, the Holy Father launched an appeal for the workers of the Lucchini steelworks in Piombino, which closed down a few days ago causing mass layoffs. Pope Francis urged them not to despair, remarking that “when human hopes are extinguished, the divine hope that never [...]

Francis Begins A New Series Of Catechesis On The Holy Spirit

Vatican City, 9 April 2014 (VIS) – In today’s general audience Pope Francis began a series of catechesis dedicated to the Holy Spirit, which “constitutes the soul and the vital lymph of the Church and of every Christian”. The Holy Spirit is “God’s quintessential gift”, and in turn “communicates many spiritual gifts to those who [...]

Listen To And Look At Jesus To Illuminate The Soul

Vatican City, 16 March 2014 (VIS) – “The Christian’s first task is to listen to the Word of God, to listen to Jesus, because He speaks to us, and He saves us with His Word. And He makes our faith stronger and more robust, with his Word”. Pope Francis addressed these words to the faithful [...]

Holy Spirit Teaches Us To See With Christ’s Eyes

Vatican City, 8 May 2013 (VIS) – Eastertide, which culminates with the Solemnity of Pentecost when the Church relives the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is the perfect time of the Holy Spirit,” the Pope explained to the 75,000 persons present in St. Peter’s Square to attend his Wednesday general audience. After winding through the [...]