Calling all young people: unite in prayer, worship

Catholic Youth Day celebrates the gift and centrality of Jesus Christ in the faith. Photo: OYP

Jared Ng

This year, Catholic Youth Day (CYD) 2019 will be held on July 20-21, and for Gabriel Teh it holds a special meaning.

He is looking forward to being part of this celebration as one united body of Christ again.

He had in 2016 witnessed over 2,000 young people praying together during praise and worship at CYD which led him to desire a “deep passion for the Lord”.

Church of the Transfiguration fundraising dinner

A fundraising gala dinner for the building fund of the Church of the Transfiguration (COTT) was held at the Fairmont Ballroom on Jan 17. About 1,700 Catholics came together to show their support by raising $827,180. The amount was raised through table sales for the dinner and an auction.Among those who attended were guest-of-honour Deputy [...]

Catholics in S’pore pray for China Church

Catholics, both local and Chinese migrants, have the responsibility to spread the Good News to the people of China.“We are all members of the Church,” said Fr Henry Siew. “We can share the experiences of our community life with our brethren from China, here or in China.”Fr Henry was speaking in Mandarin at a Mass [...]

Pioneer teachers at Canosssian schools’ dinner

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Young Christians learn about Catholicism in spirit of unity

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Protestants, Catholics in unity service

“There was that unity and even in the worship, we were all in one spirit, and I could see that the spirit of God was there,” said Ms Shantha Naidu, a Methodist from Living Hope Methodist Church.“You have a chance to see that God is moving in a marvellous, marvellous way,” said Mr Charles Lim, [...]

Catholic poet talks about her faith and her poetry

What happens when you put a poet and a moderator armed with a psychology degree in a room full of people? Evidently a delightfully engaging evening where stories are shared, experiences recounted and, of course, the unique opportunity to hear the poet’s voice breathing life into written words.CANA’s latest Talk of the Town event, featuring [...]

Change in weekends for JB affects parishes

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Snubbing Christ

Possibly no one can name the exact reason why the Holy Hour in some churches is so poorly attended. Is it due to an alarming state of lukewarmness or coldness on the part of thousands of individual Catholics? The fact is that the Holy Hour is a public act of homage to the Eucharist Christ, [...]