Questions on the Faith: On a dress code for altar servers, lectors

Should there be a uniform dress code for altar servers and lectors? Q: As a cradle born Catholic in Singapore, I have visited almost all the different parishes scattered across Singapore and it is rather perturbing that all the parishes have different standards for altar servers and lectors. Some parishes require their altar servers to [...]

Participants learn more about the Eucharist at Focolare event

Johor BAHRU – About 150 Catholics from Singapore, Malaysia and at least 10 other countries learnt more about the Eucharist through talks, testimonies, games and group activities. They attended a Mariapolis (City of Mary) gathering, organised by the Focolare Movement at Majodi Centre, Johor, from May 30-June 1.  Mariapolis began in the 1950s, when the [...]

Spanish-speaking kids receive First Communion

Twenty-three children from the Spanish-speaking community received their first Holy Communion on May 17 at the Church of St Bernadette.Fr Joe Lopez, chaplain of the community in Singapore, celebrated a special Mass at the parish, in front of at least 100 Spanish speakers from 19 different countries.In his homily, Fr Joe urged the parents to [...]

On the foot-washing rite

The following article has been released by the Archdiocesan Liturgy CommissionThe foot-washing rite, called the Mandatum was re-introduced into the liturgy by Pope Pius XII in 1955.A circular letter from the Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) explains its purpose: “The washing of the feet of chosen men which, according to tradition, is performed on this [...]

Why The Transfiguration

SFX Bulletin, 1 March 2015 Most of us can relate to many of the events in Jesus’ life.  We can relate to his temptations in the desert, his rejection by various groups of people and his abandonment by his apostles for we, too, encounter such trials although not to such intense degrees as Jesus did [...]

Letter: Too much singing at Mass?

In recent years, I have observed that there tends to be a lot more singing during Mass, especially during Sunday Mass. Allow me to go back a bit in history. If my memory still serves me, when I was a young boy (I am now in my late 50s), we only sang during the opening [...]

We Have Found Jesus!

SFX Bulletin, 18 January 2015  The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord last Sunday brought to a close the season of Christmas and the start of Ordinary Time.   Ordinary Time is not “boring” or “unimportant” as the word “Ordinary” seems to imply.   “Ordinary” is from the Latin root “ordo” from which we get the [...]

Letter: Detracting from the Liturgy

“The Celebration of  Mass, as the action of Christ and the People of God arrayed hierarchically, is the centre of the whole Christian life for the Church both universal and local, as well as for each of the faithful individually.“In it is found the high point both of the action by which God sanctifies the [...]

Law For Nurturing Love

SFX Bulletin, 26 October 2014: Many people view laws in general as limitations to freedom but for the Christian, laws from God give joy.   In fact, Christians can even speak of God’s “laws” in the singular – there is only the Law of Love.  This Law, in turn, has been fulfilled most perfectly by Jesus [...]