Some ethical concerns over Zika infections

Some people have suggested resorting to abortion and contraception in response to the Zika outbreak. Fr David Garcia looks at the issues.Women in the early stages of pregnancy, infected with the Zika virus, seem to have a higher number of microencephalic births. I will not concern myself with the facts of the disease but only [...]

How the Church views experiments on human embryos

A recent Straits Times article reported on how scientists here are growing fertilised human embryos to treat ailments. Fr James Yeo, a lecturer in Fundamental Moral Theology at the seminary, gives the Church’s view on this and other related issues.FETAL tissue transplant has generated great interest and excitement in the medical community. Some even compared [...]

Values: In-vitro fertilisation – Begotten or made?

In this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we examine if in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is truly life-giving and ifit is the only solution for an infertile couple. ANY married couples trying desperately to start a family will say something like this: “We love children. We want to have a [...]

Courts decide embryos “are not human”; Church protests

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) – There is sadness and outrage in the Korean Church after a court in Seoul ruled that frozen human embryos are “not human,” thus endorsing such practices as experimentation and destruction of embryos. The ruling ended a complaint filed by several parents and another 11 experts, including philosophers, physicians, and biologists, who [...]

Dangers in human-animal combination for biomedical research

THE SINGAPORE BIOETHICS Advisory Committee (BAC) held a Public Consultation on Human-Animal Combinations for Research on Stem Cells on Jan 19 at the Breakthrough Auditorium, at the Matrix in Biopolis. The consultation was led by Professors Lim Pin (Chairman of BAC), Ng Soon Chye (Embryologist), Martin Bobrow (Geneticist), Nuyen (Philosopher), Lee Eng Hin and several [...]

A brave new Singapore?

WE ALREADY KNOW that human cybrids are embryos fabricated with enucleated animal eggs and the nucleus of a human body cell. Concretely the cybrids already produced in the U.K. are made with the nucleus of human cells inserted into cow’s eggs. These embryos will be terminated when their harvest of embryonic stem cells are removed [...]

Britain’s brave new world?

THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT’S decision on May 19 to allow laboratories in Britain to create a new kind of embryo, part human and part animal, was hailed as a victory for science over religious (and specifically Catholic) doctrine. In reality, it was the victory of a newly fashionable secularist dogma – the notion that scientific inquiry [...]

What the church teaches about human life

THE STRAITS TIMES (Sep 1) carried an article, "New way to freeze eggs can help those with cancer", in which Dr Loh Seong Feei was reported to have said that "another group that could benefit from the quick-freezing of eggs are Catholics who do not want embryos – which they see as human life – [...]

The Dignity Of A Person

 VATICAN CITY – A new Vatican document warned that certain recent developments in stem-cell research, gene therapy and embryonic experimentation violate moral principles and reflect an attempt by man to “take the place of his Creator”. The latest advances raise serious questions of moral complicity for researchers and other biotech professionals, who have a duty [...]