Letter to the editor: Reaching out to the elderly sick

There have been several reports of seniors dying all alone – both here in Singapore and in Japan in The Straits Times (ST). That was followed by discussions, both in media reports as well as in ST’s Forum page as to whether assisted suicide or euthanasia should be an option given to caregivers to end [...]

When life comes to an end

More than 100 people attended a talk on the topic of death and dyingWhen it comes to speaking to terminally ill people, do not tell them “I understand” as the only person who truly understands is God himself. This was one piece of advice that Carmelite Fr Edward Lim gave to some 140 people who [...]

Jesus’ Prayer Before Dying (Part II)

“When life was about to leave Him, He sealed His final decision in a prayer. Jesus allowed Himself to be consigned ‘into human hands’, but it was into the hands of the Father that He placed His spirit. Thus, as John the Evangelist says, all things were accomplished, the supreme act of love was carried [...]

Jesus’ Prayer Before Dying

Vatican City, (VIS) – The prayer of Jesus at the moment of His death, as narrated by St. Mark and St. Matthew was the theme of Benedict XVI’s catechesis during his general audience, held this morning in the Paul VI Hall. “In the structure of the narrative”, the Pope said, “Jesus’ cry rises at the [...]

The Face of the Dying Christ Teaches Us to Defend Life

“The slow Calvary of the final years of life of Blessed John Paul II bore witness to this vision of pain and suffering illuminated by the death and resurrection of Christ… His profound humility, rooted in his intimate bond with Christ, enabled him to continue to guide the Church, and to address an even more [...]

Values: Are kidney patients dying because of a principle?

In this continuing series on Values by the Catholic Medical Guild and Caritas Singapore, we examine the difference between organ donation and organ trading. On June 27, 2008, an Indonesian Sulaiman Damanik pleaded guilty in a Singapore Court for trying to sell his kidney to retail magnate Tang Wee Sung for $23,700. The broker of [...]

Dying have right to know

ROME – A doctor should prepare the incurably ill for death by avoiding any "conspiracy of silence" and proclaiming a "life that does not die", said the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Bishop Eli Sgreccia affirmed this at a conference last month on "Depression and Cancer". During the conference, it was explained that, [...]

Don’t Avoid Talk of Death to the Dying

Right, Dr Rilly Ray stresses the importance of facing up to the reality of the approaching death.Experts give advice to the terminally ill, their care givers and bereaved at workshop organised by the Singapore Pastoral Institute and Catholic Nurses Guild."IT IS ALWAYS better to tell the patient the truth (that he is dying)," said Dr [...]